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Our goal is to create an event with exceptional food and service;
One which flows seamlessly and gives your guests the best possible experience. 


Information, Terms and Policies


We believe in locally sourced, farm to table, quality ingredients well prepared and beautifully presented, and have paired with local growers for many of our seasonal produce items. We attribute our success in Door County to our work ethic, consistency, food quality, and our  experienced and friendly catering team.


Our knowledgeable and talented staff is capable of catering events on or off site and creating custom menus to suit any taste or event.  Small or large, corporate or personal, wedding, birthday, or anniversary, your event means the world to us and we treat it as we would our own family!


We believe that you should relax, enjoy your day, and rely on us to handle the details. We      strive to make your event as stress free as possible and look forward to working with you!

Some important items to consider when contacting us regarding your event:


  1. What type of event are you hosting, and do you have ideas or a theme?

  2. Where is the venue or location of your event?

  3. What is the date you have chosen for your event?

  4. What is the anticipated number of guests?

  5. Do you have a timeline or an idea of timing for your event?

  6. What is your estimated catering budget for the event?

  7. Are you working with an event planner or other outside vendors?

  8. Will your event require service staff?

  9. Will you need rentals, other equipment, or service ware?

  10. What type of food would you like?  Hors d’oeuvres, dinner, late night food?

  11.  Service style (passed/stationary hors d’oeuvres, family style, plated dinner, etc.)

  12.  Do you have any dietary requirements/restrictions/food allergies in your group?


Meetings either in person or by phone with our experienced catering staff can be scheduled by contacting:

Tonda Gagliardo and Anne Alberts




Our menu prices listed are per person and are food only.  Rentals of dinnerware, glassware, and other items are not included in our menu pricing and are based upon client needs.  Any staff required for your event will be billed at the rate of $30 per person per hour, and the number of staff required will be determined by the specifics of your event.  Bar staff may be available if needed at the rate of $45 per person per hour, and bar setup charges may apply.  If you are not working with an event planner, especially for larger events, an event fee may be assessed.  Please consult with your catering representative for more details.



A non-refundable retainer for catering services is due at the time of contract signing, and the amount will be provided by your catering representative and based on the size of your event. The retainer will be applied to your final bill.  No event dates will be held for clients unless under contract, and all bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. 



As our philosophy is farm to table, locally sourced when possible, we do not conduct tastings unless you are a client under contract.  Many of our food items are difficult to procure seasonally, or are special order items from select purveyors, ordered specifically for your menu.  Our chefs prepare food the day of your event, and we want tastings to be an accurate representation of the food you will experience!  If you are a client under contract and wish to pre-taste menu items, please talk with our event planner regarding arrangements and scheduling.


Event Menu/Pricing

Our menus are carefully crafted, and all items are based upon availability and suitability to your event and venue.  Guests with dietary restrictions/requirements or food allergies will gladly be accommodated with advance notice and communication with Thyme event management.  Please have all menu selections chosen 45 days prior to your event date.


All menu prices are subject to change until 14 days prior to your event.  If a drastic price increase  for an ingredient(s) or food item on your menu is established, you have two options:


  1. A new cost (maintaining your present menu) will be assessed based on current market prices, and you may agree to the new price,


  1. Substitute menu item(s) will be presented to you in order to maintain the agreed upon (per person/item) menu price.



Our experienced catering staff can coordinate rental of any equipment or items you may require for your event (if not handled by your event planner). A 10% handling fee will be added to your rental total for rentals handled by TC, and includes all communication, ordering, handling onsite and coordination of rentals needed with the Rental Agency.  Please speak with your TC catering representative for more details.


Guest Guarantee

The number of guests attending is due by Noon 30 days prior to the event. Entrée selections must be pre-ordered if meal is plated.  Please remember to consider vendors in your guest count.


Final Guest/Menu Count

A final guest count with entree selections, not subject to reduction, shall be given by Client to Thyme Catering event coordinator for your event by 12:00 noon 14 days in advance of the event.


Should the final guest count increase or decrease by more than 10% from the guest minimum guarantee, any additional service charges, rentals, fees, and taxes in addition to those listed on the quote deemed necessary for your event by Thyme Catering will be paid by the client. 

Place cards identifying guest and entrée choice must be provided by the host and displayed in front of each guest if plated service is desired.


Food and Beverage

All food and beverage items served must be prepared by Thyme Catering, with wedding cakes and/or dessert items being the sole exception. There will be a fee assessed for cutting and/or handling of dessert items brought in by the Client. Thyme Catering staff is under no obligation to move, handle, setup, or touch in any manner food not prepared by Thyme Catering staff.


All unused portions of food purchased through TC are the property of Thyme Catering. Due to Wisconsin food safety regulations and to minimize foodborne illness, no food will be packaged to leave the premises with client or guests for future consumption.  No exceptions.


Billing and Payment

Final payment for your event is due by Noon 48 hours prior to your event and will be based on your final guest count.  Late payment is subject to a 5% finance charge on the total bill for the first 10 days past the due date. A 10% finance charge for late payment in excess of 10 days after your due date will be assessed.  Credit cards on file that are declined may also be subject to this penalty. No terms will be considered.


All prices quoted are based on cash or check purchase.  Any client wishing to pay by credit card will be assessed an additional credit card processing fee of 4% of the total transaction amount.


Service Charge/Sales Tax

Thyme Catering will charge a 23% service charge (subject to WI State Tax by Wisconsin Legislature: Tax 11.87 (2)(g)(2) on every event unless otherwise indicated. At the client’s discretion, any extra tip/gratuity will go directly to the service staff for your event. Thyme Catering will charge the current rate of both Wisconsin State and Local tax for all services rendered.


Cancellation by Client

All retainers are non-refundable, and cancellation notice must be received in writing.  If the event is cancelled between 30 and 14 days prior to your function, Client is responsible for 50% of the total bill as quoted with the sole exception being rental items.  If the event is cancelled within 14 days of your function, Client is responsible for the total amount of the final bill given.  Client will be responsible for all billing due for rentals, which may be up to 100% of the total rental amount no matter the cancellation date.  Cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances may be considered.


Cancellation by Caterer

Thyme Catering reserves the right to cancel this contract due to causes beyond our control.  If Thyme Catering terminates this contract prior to your event, all retainers and prepayments shall be returned in full to client within 10 days of cancellation. 


Thyme Catering Liability

Thyme Catering’s only liability, for third party claims, will be for actions caused by Thyme Catering and/or the negligent conduct of its employees. Thyme Catering assumes no responsibility for the conduct of guests, members and third parties the Client has hired to provide services at your event.



This contract is not assignable without the written consent of Thyme Catering Event Management


Damage/Personal and Rental Items

Thyme Catering assumes no responsibility for ANY damage or loss of merchandise, personal items, equipment, furniture, clothing, or any other valuables prior to, during, or after an event. We will do everything possible to ensure that all your supplies, rentals, and equipment are cared for and maintained in good working order and without any damage.


The client understands that by using and/or providing items that they own or rent, that accidents, damage, and breakage may occur.  The client further agrees not to bill, charge, or sue Thyme Catering for any loss unless the damage or loss was caused by the willful negligent actions or conduct of Thyme Catering or its employees.  Client shall be liable for any damage to or lost property rented to Client which may be caused by Client, Client’s family, guests, or invitees. The Client is responsible for all damages to the facilities during the contracted event.


Waste/Trash Removal

Should waste or trash removal be the responsibility of Thyme Catering, the client will be  assessed a fee of $25 per bag.

Our goal is to create an event with exceptional food and service - one which flows seamlessly and gives your guests the best possible experience.

Additional Requirements for Outdoor Events


There are additional considerations to hosting your event at an outdoor venue.  We strongly encourage you to make sure you have owner consent for your event.  Please also consider contacting the local government/agency regarding any specific licenses or permits that may be needed.  We also encourage clients to take out a separate certificate of liability insurance.  We   also may ask for access to the venue up to two days prior to the event for delivery and setup of equipment and rentals, and breakdown and pickup of items up to two days after the event.


In order to accommodate your request for an outdoor venue, we may require the following:


  1. Rental and setup of a 20 x 20 kitchen pole tent with sides and lighting, with the location to be determined by your Thyme Catering Representative

  2. 110V and 220V power as needed to the kitchen tent

  3. Rental of eight 8’ banquet tables for prep, setup, and execution space

  4. Rental and setup of warming oven(s), as determined by event menu

  5. Close availability of running water

  6. Access to restroom facilities for staff

  7. Direct vehicle access and parking for unloading/loading of equipment and supplies

  8. Parking arrangements for catering staff

  9. Waste removal after large events  

  10. Other items as determined by your Thyme Catering Representative


Please remember that it is our desire to have your guests accommodated as comfortably as possible and have your event flow smoothly. Close adherence to this list and your timeline is especially important at outdoor venues.


Thank you!


Tonda Gagliardo and Karl Bradley, Owners

Catering Request Form

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