Cold Appetizers

(passed or displayed – priced per piece)


Poached Pear Bruschetta

               On grilled French bread with goat cheese and port wine reduction $3.00


Roast Beef en Croute

On grilled French bread with a horseradish cream sauce and green onion garnish $3.50


Melon, Prosciutto and Mint Skewers

               Melon bit, prosciutto and fresh mint leaves, finished with a honey-lime drizzle $2.50


Watermelon Skewers

               With Feta cheese and fresh mint leaves, finished with a honey-lime drizzle $2.50


Caprese Bruschetta

Grilled French bread, cherry tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella and basil, balsamic reduction $2.50


Ceviche Cups

               In-house cold-cured shrimp ceviche presented in a tortilla cup $3.25


Deviled Eggs

               Classic deviled eggs with yellow mustard and paprika garnish $2.75


Tuna Wontons

Seared rare Ahi tuna on a wonton crisp and topped with an Asian slaw and wasabi aioli $3.50



               Baby crepes rolled with asparagus and fresh goat chees with a hint of cilantro lime $2.50




Hot Appetizers

(passed or displayed – priced per piece)


Baked Brie en Croute

               Puff pastry wrapped brie, baked and finished with a Lingonberry Chambord sauce $2.75


Bacon Wrapped Scallops

               Large sea scallops, wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon and pan-seared $3.75


Thai Wontons

Tender chicken bites in a Thai peanut Satay sauce on a wonton crisp and garnished with green onion and fresh tomato $3.00


Stuffed Figs

               Stuffed with blue cheese crumbles and wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon $2.50


Stuffed Dates

               Stuffed with goat cheese and almonds and wrapped in prosciutto $2.50


Maryland Blue Crab Risotto Cakes

               Blue crab in a risotto cake and pan-fried with a red pepper mayo $3.25


Mini Twice Baked Potatoes

Baby red potatoes, baked and stuffed with creamy potato filling with Applewood smoked bacon and aged cheddar cheese $2.75


Risotto Cakes

Chive and fontina cheese risotto cakes, pan-seared and finished with a roasted garlic aioli $2.25


Mini Wellingtons

Tender beef or chicken wrapped in puff pastry and baked, finished with a red wine bordelaise $3.00


Vegetable Spring Rolls

Crisp, flavorful vegetables in a spring roll wrapper and fried, topped with a dollop of sweet and sour sauce $2.50


Door County Whitefish Cakes

               Fresh whitefish cake with a chili-lime aioli $3.00




Special Presentations

(price based on service of 25 people)


Crudité Platter

Garden fresh vegetables presented with buttermilk-herb dipping sauce



Fruit Display

Mixture of the freshest available fruits in an edible arrangement



Local Smoked Whitefish

Presented on the whole side with fresh lemon wheels



Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Whole side and garnished with lemon, capers and red onion



Shrimp Cocktail

Tail on chilled shrimp accompanied by house-made cocktail sauce and lemon



Cold Tenderloin Display

Whole beef tenderloin marinated and grilled then sliced and presented with a horseradish cream sauce and grilled French bread



Imported and Local Cheeses

Display of Vern’s 2 Year Cheddar, Manchego, Black River Blue and Baby Belletoille Triple Cream Brie with pear and honey chutney / crackers



Wisconsin Artesian Cheeses

Display of Shaft’s Blue, Vern’s 6 Year Cheddar, Door County Creamery Goat Cheese and Pleasant Ridge Reserve with pear and honey chutney / crackers



Local Cheese and Charcuterie

Display of Vern’s 2 Year Cheddar, Black River Blue, Marieke Gouda, Prosciutto and Dry Italian Salami with olives and cherry mustard / pear and honey chutney / crackers



Charcuterie Display

Prosciutto, Dry Italian Salami, Pork Belly Rillons, Copa and Black Pepper Salami with garnish of olives and house-made cherry mustard / crackers




Sliders and Paninis

(priced by the each)


Beef Sliders

               Mini cheeseburger sliders with Wisconsin aged cheddar $2.75


Crab Cake Sliders

               Maryland blue crab risotto sliders with roasted red pepper mayo $3.75


Whitefish Cakes

               Door County whitefish cake sliders wtih chili-lime aioli $30


Pork Rib Sliders

               Cocoa spiced pork rib sliders with a Memphis mop sauce and braised red cabbage $3.50


Ham Paninis

               Ham and brie cheese Paninis with spring greens and honey-pear chutney $3.25


Beef Paninis

Roast beef and Gruyere Paninis with caramelized onions, greens and roasted garlic aioli $3.75


Turkey Paninis

Turkey and cheddar Paninis with sliced green apples, greens and a stone ground mustard mayo $3.25




Late Night Food

(priced per piece)


Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches $2.50

Cheeseburger Sliders $2.75

Poutine with House-Made French Fries with Fresh Cheese Curds and Gravy $3.00

Mini Waffle Squares with Fried Chicken and a Maple Thyme Glaze $3.00

Mini Brats in Mini Buns with Home-made Sauerkraut and Yellow Mustard $2.75

Mini Chicken and Cheese Sliders $2.75